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For two counts of wire fraud, Jim A. Meron had served about a third of his 33-month federal prison sentence when Allen Sawyer’s efforts led Chief District Judge Kimberly J. Mueller to grant Meron’s compassionate release from incarceration and admittance to home confinement.

California criminal defense attorney Allen Sawyer informed the court that Meron, a cancer survivor who currently suffers from psoriasis, is required to take certain medications that act to suppress his immune system.

There is an increased risk for contracting COVID that prisoners in communal settings face.  This was argued by Sawyer, and, Meron’s continued health issues further put him at risk not only for becoming infected with the coronavirus while incarcerated, but for suffering serious complications and severe illness.

In the end, the court modified Meron’s sentence as having fulfilled his time in prison. Meron’s original sentence imposed 36 months of supervised release; this time will be fulfilled as home confinement with his wife in Granite Bay, CA.

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