Thanks to California Criminal Defense Attorney Allen Sawyer, the legal drama for Shakir Khan is finally coming to a close.

In Stockton on January 5th, ex-Lodi, California, Councilman Shakir Khan pleaded no contest to more than 75 charges stemming from his arrests in October 2020 and February 2023. These charges include money laundering, running an illegal gambling site, and filing false claims pertaining to COVID reimbursements. He was arrested again in February of 2023 for suspicion of felony election crimes [14 counts], EDD false claims [22 counts], and illegal gambling, tax evasion, grand theft, and money laundering [41 counts]. Read the full article.

“Shakir Khan still disagrees with the charges and the facts of the case,” Khan’s attorney Allen Sawyer said about the plea deal negotiation. The San Joaquin County Superior Court District Attorney Ron Freitas believes Khan is guilty. Sawyer added, “The decision did not come lightly, and Khan can return to his family as soon as possible.”

It comes as no surprise that Attorney Sawyer successfully negotiates Khan’s plea deal, as Sawyer’s resume has a lengthy history of winning plea deals for California criminal defendants. Khan is expected back in court on January 16th for sentencing, which will most likely result in a two-year stay in county jail.

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