Frequently Asked Questions

California Attorney Allen Sawyer


FAQ: Below are answers to questions we frequently receive about California criminal defense attorney services, marijuana criminal defense, cannabis compliance, and white collar criminal defense. If your question does not appear below or the answer is not satisfactory, please contact us.

What areas of California criminal defense do you represent?

The Law Offices of Allen Sawyer represents individuals in a wide range of California criminal defense matters. From misdemeanors to felonies in such aspects of criminal defense as assault, theft and fraud, to California drug crime defense cases and white collar criminal defense cases, we’re committed to providing expert criminal defense, upholding your rights, and protecting your reputation.

What marijuana criminal defense services do you provide?

Following Proposition 64 and the subsequent reclassification of marijuana criminal activity, gray areas and loopholes still exist for marijuana infractions and misdemeanors to be charged as felonies. The Law Offices of Allen Sawyer will provide aggressive marijuana criminal defense to see that your inflated charge is properly classified. We also provide advice and assistance to individuals seeking the reduction or expungement of previous marijuana criminal convictions from their records.

In which aspects of white collar criminal defense do you specialize?

The Law Offices of Allen Sawyer seek to defend individuals in all aspects of white collar criminal defense. In particular, we have successfully defended clients in Stockton, Sacramento, and Northern California facing charges of embezzlement or real estate fraud.

Do you help businesses achieve and maintain cannabis compliance?

Since the legalization of recreational marijuana use in California, specific processes have been implemented within local and state jurisdictions for becoming licensed and compliant according to new regulations. The Law Offices of Allen Sawyer are at the forefront of assisting businesses in cannabis compliance. We understand the regulatory process of “getting legal” and are familiar with the licenses required for cultivating, manufacturing, transporting and selling marijuana.

Do your law offices represent members of the Central Valley Chinese community?

The Law Offices of Allen Sawyer have had great success defending members of the Chinese community in the Stockton, Sacramento, and Northern California areas. From marijuana criminal defense and cannabis compliance to general criminal defense and personal injury, we provide passionate, expert representation for the Chinese community. The Law Offices of Allen Sawyer currently employ a paralegal fluent in both Mandarin and Cantonese.

Do you handle personal injury cases?

The Law Offices of Allen Sawyer have more than two decades of experience representing our clients in personal injury cases across the Central Valley. We continue to aggressively represent victims of personal and corporate negligence, striving to win the compensation our clients need and deserve.

How do I get started?

Unlike many other high-profile California defense attorneys, Allen Sawyer communicates readily with his new clients to see if they have a case. Simply contact the office to arrange for a consultation.