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Clear Your Record: Marijuana Criminal Defense Lawyer

California marijuana criminal defense attorney allen sawyer defends Sacramento, San Francisco, and San Jose cannabis cases.

Marijuana Criminal Defense
Attorney Allen Sawyer

Marijuana Criminal Defense Lawyer Allen Sawyer is a knowledgeable California criminal attorney familiar both with the reclassification of marijuana felonies, misdemeanors, and infractions under Proposition 64, and with the loopholes sought by prosecutors, often leading to inflated charges.

The passing in 2016 of Proposition 64, the Adult Use of Marijuana Act, legalized the responsible adult use of marijuana in the state of California. With its immediate as well as retroactive impact on the definition and classification of marijuana crimes in California, the need for a skilled cannabis criminal defense attorney for persons charged with marijuana offenses is stronger than ever.

The following marijuana offenses have, with some exceptions, new criminal classification under Proposition 64:

✓ Possession of marijuana, marijuana plants or marijuana paraphernalia
✓ Sale of marijuana
✓ Distribution or transport of marijuana
✓ Planting, cultivating, harvesting, drying or processing marijuana plants

Marijuana Criminal Defense Attorney Allen Sawyer will investigate the legitimacy of the marijuana criminal charge against you, first ensuring the classification—infraction, misdemeanor, or felony—is fair, is not excessive, and is in line with the law as it currently stands. Next, he will provide aggressive marijuana criminal defense, utilizing his decades of legal experience, first as a prosecutor and next as a criminal defense attorney, in an effort to defeat the charges against you.

Expunge or Reduce Convictions according to Proposition 64

Having marijuana offenses on your permanent record can, among other negative effects, impact your ability to secure employment or apply for loans. As your marijuana criminal defense lawyer, Allen Sawyer can advise you on how previous convictions can be reduced or removed from your record entirely. Mr. Sawyer can also advise on cannabis compliance matters for business planning purposes.

Once your eligibility for reclassification has been established, marijuana criminal defense lawyer Allen Sawyer can help you navigate the reclassification process, from obtaining your criminal record, to compiling and completing all relevant paperwork, to submitting to the proper courts. One or more of the following circumstances can be expected to take place in regard to your record as part of the marijuana offense reclassification:

Expungement: An infraction no longer considered an offense under Proposition 64 will result in the dismissal of the case and the immediate sealing of all arrest records, court records, and Department of Justice records regarding the infraction.
Reduction to Infraction: A previous marijuana misdemeanor now considered an infraction under Proposition 64 will be reduced to an infraction “for all purposes.”
Reduction to Misdemeanor: A former felony now defined as a misdemeanor under Proposition 64 will be reduced to a misdemeanor “for all purposes.”

If you are currently serving a sentence for a crime now eligible for reclassification under Proposition 64, marijuana criminal defense lawyer Allen Sawyer will advocate for you, petitioning to reduce your sentence while working to expunge or reduce your conviction.

Your Attorney Matters

Contact marijuana criminal defense lawyer Allen Sawyer today to discover how to combat false or outdated marijuana criminal charges and how to reduce or expunge marijuana offenses from your permanent record.