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In California, if you possess, traffic, or manufacture drugs, you can be criminally charged, which can result in possible prison time and the need for bail money. When the smoke clears, you could face the reality of stiff fines, a conviction, imprisonment, a record that will impact job opportunities, and much more.

Drug Crimes Defense, California drug crimes defense lawyerThe most effective way to handle a potential drug conviction is to contact Drug Crimes Defense Lawyer Allen Sawyer. A former California prosecutor, Mr. Sawyer knows firsthand the devastating consequences that a drug conviction carries, along with life-changing impacts to family, career, and education.

While it might seem like an uphill battle, Allen Sawyer is well-versed in fighting against a potential drug crime conviction and penalties. Whether you have been charged for possession of marijuana that violates Proposition 64 laws or you were caught with narcotics, in the State of California, you have the right to counsel and a fair trial.

California Drug Laws and Penalties

There are two types of drug possession categories:

✓ Simple Possession
✓ Possession with Intent to Sell

According to the California Code, Health and Safety Code (HSC § 11350), offenses are separated into categories according to severity, including “restricted dangerous drugs,” marijuana, phencyclidine, and methamphetamine. Penalties are doled out accordingly. That’s why it’s imperative to have a skilled California drug crimes defense attorney in your court. Allen Sawyer has handled countless drug crime defenses, including high-profile cases.

California’s Legal Marijuana Laws

Proposition 64 is the California law that oversees recreational marijuana in the state.  This law does not grant free reins to purchase, grow, and smoke pot in any location of your choosing.  The rules are defined, and they do outline clear consequences to any person who sells, purchases, consumes, or transports marijuana in California. Learn more about the expertise of Allen Sawyer as a marijuana criminal defense lawyer.

Conviction of a drug crime in California should not be taken lightly.  Depending on the seriousness of the drug crime and the number of offenses, a judge will determine fines and sentencing. This could be minimal, maximum, or somewhere in the middle. Remember, in California, you have the right to an attorney and a fair trial. By contacting The Law Offices of Allen Sawyer, you can arrange for a skilled attorney who will aggressively defend your Constitutional rights and secure the best possible outcome in your case.

Aggressive California Defense

Attorney Allen Sawyer has experience not only as prosecutor and criminal drug crimes defense attorney, but also as a defendant. Having been personally involved in legal circumstances similar to his clients’, Mr. Sawyer clearly understands the all-encompassing effect legal issues have on every aspect of life. It is not only the potential prospect of incarceration that weighs so heavily but also the impact across the board—on your finances, on your current employment situation, on your future employment possibilities, and on your reputation. As someone who has undergone these trials and emerged on the other side, California criminal defense attorney Allen Sawyer appreciates how crucial a proficient and compassionate attorney really is. He is fully committed and ready to fight for you.

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California law frowns upon drug crimes, which is why it is essential to speak with an experienced drug crimes defense attorney, such as Allen Sawyer, right away.  By working with Mr. Sawyer, you can rest assured that the law will be explained, along with the potential punishments, and whether or not you qualify for any alternative sentencing or drug diversion program. For more information about California drug crimes convictions, penalties, defenses, and your rights, please contact Allen Sawyer today, and schedule your free consultation.