High Profile Defense

Allen Sawyer is among the area’s top attorneys for high-profile cases involving criminal defense and white-collar crime. This Stockton criminal defense attorney is highly sought-after for his expertise on television, in news publications, and in California courtrooms. If you need a skilled Stockton criminal defense attorney who has worked on both sides of the aisle, you need Allen Sawyer in your corner.

Criminal Defense

Choosing the right California defense lawyer is the first critical step in the process of ensuring that your rights are protected when charged with a crime.  Stockton Criminal Defense Attorney Allen Sawyer is a former California prosecutor and has first-hand expertise on both sides of the legal aisle.

Federal Defense

When your legal matter heads to Federal Court, you need serious representation for an aggressive outcome. Stockton Criminal Defense Attorney Allen Sawyer has worked both sides of the aisle and is fully prepared to defend your case accordingly.

Drug Crimes Lawyer

Whether you have been convicted of simple possession or possession with intent to sell, Allen Sawyer is fully prepared to fight for your Constitutional rights and protect your freedom to either reduce your punishment or negotiate an alternative sentence. Contact this qualified Stockton criminal defense attorney for excellent representation.

White Collar Defense

White collar crime defense takes a certain amount of patience and expertise. While working as a former prosecutor, Stockton Criminal Defense Attorney Allen Sawyer received specialized training in how to prosecute California white collar crimes.

Your Attorney Matters

Representing individuals charged with crimes in the Center Valley area, Allen Sawyer’s experience as a Stockton criminal defense attorney spans a wide array of charges. Please contact Mr. Sawyer for more information.

Criminal Defense

In California, Stockton Criminal Defense Attorney Allen Sawyer not only understands both ends of the legal system, but also has personal experience as both lawyer and defendant.

Federal Crimes

From white collar defense to Grand Jury representation, bring your business crimes, fraud charges, income tax crimes, and other serious felonies to Stockton criminal defense attorney Allen Sawyer for aggressive representation.

Drug Crimes Defense

It’s important to stay abreast of California drug and marijuana laws when it comes to defense matters. Stockton criminal defense attorney Allen Sawyer is proficient in drug laws and will fight for your Constitutional rights.

White Collar Defense

As a former California prosecutor, Stockton criminal defense attorney Allen Sawyer understands white collar crimes and defense from both sides of the aisle.


Embezzlement breaches a relationship of trust. California embezzlement defense lawyer Allen Sawyer understands embezzlement charges and provides an aggressive defense.

Your Attorney Matters

The most important aspect of your defense is your attorney. In Northern California, Stockton criminal defense attorney Allen Sawyer provides exemplary legal services to his clients.

Hard Working and Caring

Mr. Sawyer is extremely hard working and compassionate. He truly cares about what’s best for his clients and goes the extra mile to make sure you get the best possible outcome.

NOTE: Mr. Sawyer has also won millions of dollars for his clients as a Personal Injury Lawyer.



Honest and Respected

Best criminal attorney in the Central Valley. Allen Sawyer has the knowledge, expertise, experience to represent you effectively with your case. His 22 years of experience gives him the insight into how to win your case.

Mr Sawyer is honest and respected. I have been very pleased with the outcome. He is diligent and works hard to represent his clients. I would highly recommend this guy!

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Conscientious, Ethical & Diligent

I have consulted and hired Mr. Sawyer on numerous occasions. I have always found his performance to be impeccable. His is extremely informative and well versed in numerous aspects of the law. His advice has always been insightful and most importantly, useful! I have found him to be most trustworthy and ethical.




Effort to resolve client's case

Best Defense Lawyer in the Central Valley!

Mr. Sawyer is very effective. He is approachable and open to questions and personal concerns. There were many loose ends that could have caused trouble for my case, but Mr. Sawyer went above and beyond the call of duty (beyond what most lawyers would do) to make a positive outcome. The prosecution was left with their jaws open and a look of dismay way before the case was over. The jury did not have to deliberate long to come back with a decision of not guilty.

D.C. Royce


Media Runs with Out-of-Context Facebook Comment

Media runs with out-of-context Facebook comment, resulting in death threats and bad press for retired California police officer Billy Dishman. Allen Sawyer steps in.  From June 26, 2020, onward, the major news outlets took a comment posted to a [now deleted] Facebook...

Former Stockton Mayor Anthony Silva Avoids Jail Time

Former Stockton Mayor Anthony Silva avoids jail time, as he was charged with felony conflict of interest and can substitute an alternative work program for incarceration. Stockton Criminal Defense Attorney Allen Sawyer represented Silva and is responsible for the...

Stockton Attorney Secures Release

Stockton Attorney secures release for COVID-19-risk prisoner in jail.  The COVID-19 outbreak at a California prison prompted Stockton Attorney Allen Sawyer to rebuke a denied motion.  Mr. Sawyer (and counsel) filed and won a motion for reconsideration. This motion was...

KCRA-TV Sacramento Consults Allen Sawyer as Criminal Law Expert

Stockton Criminal Defense Attorney, Allen Sawyer, who is routinely tapped by TV stations to weigh in on legal matters, was requested by KCRA-TV Sacramento to advise on the most recent Sanchez incident. Just released from prison on September 21, 2019, for "good...

Allen Sawyer Retained in Bay Area Home Health Care Fraud Scheme

Sawyer Retained for Another High-Profile Legal Matter In San Francisco, twenty eight people have been charged along with two corporations in a Federal kickback scheme involving hundreds of millions of dollars in taxpayer money. Attorney Allen Sawyer—highly experienced...

Allen Sawyer Represents Naasón Joaquín García

Brian Ross Investigates Allegations of sexual misconduct with teenage girls are investigated against the leader of a fast-growing, fundamentalist sect, claiming five million members worldwide in 58 countries and one million in the United States. The church leader,...

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