In a win for Stockton Criminal Defense Attorney Allen Sawyer during a case-management conference, the judge granted a bail reduction from $750k to $100k. While this is still much more than the family can afford, it’s a step in the right direction.

The case centers around a man accused of molesting his wife’s daughter. Allen Sawyer was hired to represent the man accused of the crime. Sawyer reasoned that the accused was not a flight risk, he has ties to the community, and he should be given “the benefit of the doubt that he would show up in court.” Read full article.

Judge Shawn Bessey agreed with many of Sawyer’s points and issue a bail reduction to $100,000. While the DDA feels the original “bail amount is set as appropriate,” Attorney Allen Sawyer successfully argued the case and was able to knock down the bail amount for his client.

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Attorney Allen Sawyer not only understands both ends of the legal system, but also has personal experience as both lawyer and defendant. Having experienced first-hand the emotional and financial stresses of combating legal issues, Sawyer understands the value of competent, supportive representation. He is sensitive to the impact conviction and incarceration could have on the lives and futures of his clients, and is passionate to assist them in avoiding conviction. Now in possession of a deeper appreciation for, and faith in, the legal system for which he works, Attorney Allen Sawyer pledges a renewed re-commitment to respecting the dignity of his clients, to making himself available to serve their needs, and, if necessary, to standing by their side in court.

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