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Drawing on years of experience defending federal criminal cases, California criminal defense attorney Allen Sawyer represents individuals facing charges of business crimes and white-collar crimes at the federal level. Located in Stockton, Sacramento, and Northern California, the Law Offices of Allen Sawyer offers zealous defense at both the state and federal level for persons facing criminal charges.

Proficient Legal Defense of Federal Business Crimes

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Often referred to as white-collar crimes, business crimes involve certain illegal acts committed by individuals or businesses for the purpose of financial gain or a competitive edge in business. Due to recent augmented regulation by the government and other regulatory agencies, the chances of being charged with a business crime have increased, and since many business crimes fall into the category of a federal crime, the punishments for individuals convicted of business crimes can be severe. For this reason, it is extremely important to secure a seasoned federal business crimes defense attorney if you have been accused of committing business crimes. Federal criminal defense attorney Allen Sawyer has a thorough understanding of the complex defenses related to business crimes and possesses extensive experience defending federal criminal cases.

Types of Business Crimes

Defined as non-violent, financially-motivated illegal acts carried out by individuals or businesses, business crimes can include a range of illegal actions, including the following:

When Business Crimes Are Federal Crimes

A large number of business crimes qualify as federal offenses and will thereby involve powerful federal agencies and law enforcement—along with their many resources—during investigation and prosecution. It is for this reason that an experienced federal criminal defense attorney is called for in defending business crimes. Federal business crimes attorney Allen Sawyer has had repeated success coming up against federal prosecutors and intimately understands how to navigate the various discrete procedures related to the federal court system.

Successfully Fighting Federal Crimes

California Criminal Defense Attorney Allen Sawyer

California Criminal Defense Attorney Allen Sawyer

The punishment for committing business crimes involves lengthy prison terms and high fines. Merely being charged with business crimes can have serious reputational consequences. Combating the potentially devastating impact of a business crime charge requires the support of a competent legal professional who will fight to protect your good name. California criminal defense attorney Allen Sawyer understands the stakes involved in federal business crimes cases and will offer unwavering support as he strives to protect your reputation and career.


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If you’ve been charged with a federal business crime, or suspect you will be, promptly contact a knowledgeable federal criminal defense attorney. Allen Sawyer’s extensive legal knowledge of the federal laws related to business crimes and his successful track record in federal court make him an ideal ally in the defense of your criminal charges. Every step of the way, from the investigation stage, through prosecution, and, should it come to it, a trial, federal criminal defense attorney Allen Sawyer will fight for you. To learn more, contact The Law Offices of Allen Sawyer today.