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In a high-profile California case, Criminal Defense Attorney Allen Sawyer was chosen to represent Varinder Singh, who allegedly stabbed his sister-in-law 37 times in 2022, resulting from a confrontation between the two.

A preliminary hearing for Singh was held on Thursday, June 1, 2023, in front of Judge Robert LaForge, during which time the revelations were made. LaForge concluded that there’s “enough evidence for the 35-year-old defendant to stand trial.” (courtesy The Press Democrat). Sawyer intends to aggressively defend this Santa Rosa man.

Sawyer remains that this was a domestic dispute, and his client acted in self-defense.

California criminal defense attorney Allen Sawyer defends Santa Rosa man who allegedly stabbed woman 37 times“It’s not a ‘whodunit;’ it’s a ‘why he did it,'” Sawyer said.

Regularly in the news, Allen Sawyer takes on high-profile criminal defense cases that have local and regional coverage. His consistent record of winning has earned him a reputation of the “go to” attorney for reliable representation and sound advice throughout Stockton, Sacramento, and all over the Central Valley.

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Attorney Allen Sawyer has experience not only as criminal defense attorney and prosecutor, but also as a defendant. Having been personally involved in legal circumstances similar to his clients’, Allen Sawyer understands first-hand the all-encompassing effect legal issues have on every aspect of life. It is not only the potential prospect of incarceration that weighs so heavily, but also the impact across the board—on your finances, on your current employment situation, on your future employment possibilities, and on your reputation. As someone who has undergone these trials and emerged on the other side, California criminal defense attorney Allen Sawyer appreciates how crucial a proficient and compassionate attorney really is. He is fully committed and ready to fight for you.

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