In a fatal dog-mauling accident occurring in Modesto, California, a neighbor’s two large Cane Corso dogs got loose and tragically pounced on a great grandmother. California Criminal Defense Attorney Allen Sawyer was contacted by ABC10 to review the DA’s decision and explain the rationale.

The two dogs can be seen in neighboring doorbell cameras going from house to house, barking at the front doors. They then encountered Chanthy Philavong, a 93-year-old, “larger than life” great grandmother of the Philavong Family.  After her attack, Chanthy was rushed to the hospital for her injuries but later died. Watch full story on ABC10.

“Not Getting Justice,” the Family Says

Sawyer had been involved with similar fatal dog-mauling cases in the past. When interviewed by ABC10’s Luke Cleary, Sawyer explained why the Stanislaus County District Attorney’s office will not bring charges. “Criminal law doesn’t punish accidents by people who behave appropriately,” advised Attorney Allen Sawyer. Since the owner had no knowledge of prior attacks, and the dogs had no history of biting attacks nor had any training to do so, there was no basis for a criminal charge. “The dogs will be humanely euthanized because they are dangerous animals.”

As a former prosecutor, Attorney Allen Sawyer not only understands the processes and techniques of criminal prosecution, but also, as a criminal defense attorney, is uniquely poised to argue for you against prosecution attorneys. Having gained over a decade of criminal defense experience makes Sawyer familiar with both sides of a criminal trial, and well-suited to defend clients facing criminal charges. While Sawyer’s acquittal record speaks for itself, his goal is to help his clients avoid prosecution altogether.

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