California Sex Crimes Sting Defendants

In San Joaquin County, Allen Sawyer was recently selected by multiple defendants as the attorney who will represent them in a sex-crimes sting operation that netted 200 arrests.

According to KTXL, there were numerous police setups with officers posing as underaged girls. Using text messages and phone calls, the sting was successful in targeting potential sex crimes offenders, including crimes such as online sex predating and/or soliciting sex with a minor and prostitution. Several of the defendants traveled from afar to meet with who they thought were young women, only to learn that they would be greeted by a team of undercover investigators and some put in handcuffs.

The ones who were seeking to hook up with the adult decoys were given a citation and released on misdemeanor charges. Those seeking sex with the decoy posing as minors were immediately arrested on felony charges.

California Attorney Allen Sawyer was contracted by more than one of the sex crimes sting defendants after they were arrested, seeking legal representation. He will pursue these matters to the fullest extent of the law and ensure justice is served.

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California Attorney Allen Sawyer has an impressive history in defending sex offender cases. Sawyer not only understands the opposing sides of the legal system but is unafraid to provide aggressive criminal defense at the highest levels and in prominent cases with high profile attention. Allen Sawyer can be regularly seen on FOX40 KTXL and other news outlets that cover his efforts as a defense attorney for sports figures, celebrities, and politicians.

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