Allen Sawyer defends Silva in new charges pressed | Stockton, CA white-collar attorney

STOCKTON — According to a document filed at San Joaquin County Superior Court, former Mayor Anthony Silva and longtime associate Sharon Simas are facing felony money-laundering, embezzlement, and conflict-of-interest charges.

California White-Collar Crimes Attorney Allen Sawyer defends Silva in new charges.  Mr. Sawyer said his client will “plead not guilty and vigorously defend himself” against these new charges.

Sawyer said the alleged conflict of interest for Silva and Simas is that as the mayor and executive assistant, they directed grants of the mayor’s discretionary city of Stockton funds to the Kids’ Club.

Silva’s attorney also said the indictment wrongfully includes nearly $20,000 from a legal settlement received by the Boys & Girls’ Clubs that wound up in the coffers of the reconstituted Kids’ Club.

“These are allegations, and that’s all they are,” Sawyer said. He anticipates the new charges against Silva being consolidated with the 2017 case. “If that happens, the start of the November trial may be delayed,” Sawyer said.

Sharon Simas is represented by California Criminal Defense Attorney Ken Rosenfeld, who said the charges against the 1998 Stocktonian of the Year are “egregious.”

His client faces five felony charges. “It’s bush-league tactics to try to intimidate us,” said Rosenfeld.“It is shameful what the District Attorney’s office is trying to do to a very proud and accomplished woman. It’s not going to work. She’s a senior citizen, for God’s sake.” Rosenfeld said of Simas, “Why should she steal a penny? She has plenty of money.”

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