Elizabeth C. was arrested after eight pounds of heroin were found in her vehicle following a traffic stop. Arguing his client’s Fourth Amendment rights were violated, criminal defense attorney Allen Sawyer ensured the case against Elizabeth C. was dismissed.

Stockton, Calif. March 31, 2021

Known for handling difficult and high-profile cases, Allen Sawyer secures yet another win only this time involving a heroin transport case by a woman who was stopped by the police for a traffic violation.  The heroin case dismissed was an unlikely outcome. 

The Law Offices of Allen Sawyer announced today that Case # MAN-CR-FECOD-2020-0005925 in San Joaquin County Superior Court, involving a heroin transport charge against a client, was dismissed after California criminal defense attorney Allen Sawyer argued the legality of the traffic stop during which the drugs were discovered. 

Elizabeth C. was traveling westbound on I-205 near Tracy when her vehicle was ordered by police to pull over due to a traffic violation. An investigation utilizing detection dogs ensued, during which eight pounds of heroin were discovered in Elizabeth C.’s car.   

“It was clearly a pretext traffic stop—drug dogs were used,” said Sawyer who argued that the stop violated his client’s Fourth Amendment rights in that Elizabeth C. had been unlawfully detained and her vehicle unlawfully searched. The case was subsequently dismissed.

By virtue of the dismissal, Elizabeth C. has avoided a 15-year sentence as well as any collateral consequences related to a felony plea. Sawyer said the victory came as a great relief for his client.

 “In this country, citizens have a right to be free from unlawful detentions and searches,” said Sawyer. “For my client, those rights were violated. We are glad the government conceded the issue.”

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