STOCKTON, California — Lead Stockton Criminal defense attorney Allen Sawyer seeks a case dismissal for his client Attorney Mark Thiel.  Mr. Sawyer accused the San Joaquin County DA’s Office of trying to “destroy” his client. On Monday morning, the case went in front of Judge Bob McNatt, during which time Sawyer sought to have it dismissed or dropped.

On Monday, Attorney Allen Sawyer cited Thiel’s position on the board of the County Office by saying, “When someone is duly elected in their correct address where they were living at the time, qualified with all the conditions to hold that office, the only way you can be removed is by a judge, or if you resign.”

According to the document filed Monday, Stockton Criminal Defense Attorney Allen Sawyer said that, “Thiel was under no obligation to resign when he did, and therefore is guilty of no wrongdoing.” The document states, “The People cite no law that allows them to make it a crime for an office holder not to voluntarily resign when he or she becomes unqualified to hold office.”

Sawyer also denounced prosecutors’ use of the grand jury system, which he said gives them free rein to get indictments with virtually no defense opposition.

He is quoted as saying, “I feel very strongly that Mr. Thiel was wronged.” Allen Sawyer is known for another high-profile client, former Stockton Mayor Anthony Silva, who was indicted for alleged embezzlement by a grand jury last year in a case still making its way through the court system. Mr. Sawyer stated, ”Thiel didn’t deserve this heavy-handed treatment. He has been absolutely an asset to our community.”

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