In Stockton, California, 11 who were accused of participating in a honey lab, appeared in the crowded San Joaquin County Superior courtroom.

Representing one or more defendants, Stockton Attorney Allen Sawyer describes why this honey lab operation is different from the others that have caused explosions.  Mr. Sawyer states:

The equipment is very expensive because it is very safely designed. It has gone through extensive testing to make sure they can manufacture the product safely.

The scenario when lives are in danger are honey labs that use homemade equipment.  They are done in a manner that is dangerous and of high risk. This can be seen in the case where two men were burned after a honey oil lab blew up inside a home on Pebble Beach Drive. The home sustained major damage in the aftermath of the fire.

Stockton Attorney Allen Sawyer Defends Honey Lab

Mr. Sawyer explained that the employees of Fly-N-High were just doing their jobs.  He furthered that the business was operating safely and that the operation was not on the same scale as other honey labs, including the one in a Brookside neighborhood in the spring of 2018 that caused an explosion.

The inspection team was denied entry at the business by two people, identified as Keyes and Rodriguez, authorities said. While on scene, law enforcement noticed evidence in plain view of a working butane hash/honey oil lab. Read the full article here.

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