In April of 2022, 15-year-old Alycia Reynaga was murdered at Stockton’s Amos Alonzo Stagg High School when an intruder armed with a knife slipped through an unlocked gate onto campus and attacked her. This was not the first murdered high school student in this community. Reynaga’s family has secured as counsel Attorney Allen Sawyer of The Law Offices of Allen Sawyer in filing a civil lawsuit against the Stockton Unified School District.

Murdered High School Student

Per the press release distributed last year,
According to the March 3, 2023, complaint  filed with the San Joaquin County Superior Court and a report by ABC10 News, despite security protocols instituted at Stagg High School following over 30,000 SUSD incident-related calls to the Stockton Police Department in a 10-year timeframe, a failure to consistently implement these measures neglected to prevent the stabbing death of Reynaga on April 18, 2022, when suspect Anthony Gray was able to drive into and park in the school’s front parking lot before approaching Reynaga on foot and stabbing her multiple times.

Security Guard Position Left Vacant; Gate Was Unlocked

The attorneys for the Reynega family outlined the incidents that illustrated SUSD’s negligence. The gate, which was supposed to have been locked, was left open. The lawsuit included another stabbing before Reynaga was killed in 2022. While this incident was not of a murdered high school student, the child was indeed stabbed. In 2019, a 14-year-old girl was stabbed during another incident at a nearby school in the same school district, and the school chose to do nothing about increasing security at any of the schools. Read the full story at CBS News Sacramento.

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