Attorney Allen Sawyer’s efforts in court prompt the reduction of felony sex crime charges to misdemeanors.

Entering his jury trial in San Joaquin County Superior Court late last month, Brian W. faced charges of felony sex crimes involving a minor, charges that not only could mean serious time in state prison for him, but also could result in a lifetime registration as a sex offender; instead, following a compelling defense by California criminal defense attorney Allen Sawyer, the charges against Brian W. were reduced from felony to misdemeanor by the DA. Leaving court that day, Sawyer’s client knew a massive negative impact upon his life had been averted.

Lawyer | Sacramento Attorney, Allen Sawyer helps client avoid jail time.

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Initially, the charges against Brian W. included contacting a minor to commit a felony as well as arranging a meeting with a minor for lewd purposes. Sawyer’s client’s arrest was the result of a decoy scenario that is common practice for police: seeking to arrest men who knowingly solicit sexual services from minors, a police officer poses as an escort for a service that operates through text messaging. After exchanging texts with a responder to whom sexual services are offered, the officer tells the soliciting party that he or she is a minor. Text responders who still agree to meet for the purpose of sexual services are arrested. Such an arrest brings charges of felony sex crime involving minors, and these charges carry serious state prison sentences as well as lifetime sex offender registration. Sawyer’s criminal defense, employed through persuasive opening arguments, significant legal motions, and exposure of evidentiary issues, prompted District Attorney Tori Verber Salazar to reduce the charges against Brian W. to misdemeanors.

“It went from a state prison case with lifetime registration to a misdemeanor with suspended fine and no additional jail time,” said Sawyer, who added that the victory came as a great relief for his client. “We are very pleased with the outcome.”

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