A crash that happened over one year ago is now being considered a crime. Officer Nestor Velasquez hit and killed 28-year-old father Titus Tabotabo while the latter was driving home from work. Valasquez was responding to an armed suspect and driving through the same intersection as Tabotabo; however, the DA said the former was going too fast.

Stockton Defense Attorney Allen Sawyer believes that the officer’s speed is what makes this case a crime.

The critical question was what the officer did: Was it reasonable under the circumstances? I would argue that if it is that late at night and you are traveling at an excessive speed, you have to be cautious when entering the intersection.

We pay a lot of money to train them, and we have high expectations and exercise in due care because the results can be so tragic if they’re not.

In this case, prosecutors say it was the difference between life and death. Now, the vehicular homicide charge reflects that.

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