California Criminal Defense Lawyer Allen Sawyer As Seen on CBS13

Attorney and legal expert Allen Sawyer weighs in on the arrest of Joseph D’Angelo with CBS13 in Sacramento, California. Criminal defense lawyer and former prosecutor, Allen Sawyer can discuss this case from both sides of the issue.

Arrest of East Area Rapist after judge unseals search and arrest warrants, Joseph D’Angelo was arrested and had a hearing today in Sacramento.  More than 170 pages of heavily redacted documents were made public that provided insight into the Joseph D’Angelo case.

“They created a spider web of connections between these assaults based on physical evidence,” said California criminal defense lawyer and legal expert Allen Sawyer.

“A public DNA database was then used to create a connection to D’Angelo. The idea that law enforcement could use that raises pretty striking privacy concerns. Extraordinary efforts were used to apprehend this suspect.  That’s where the lines get blurred. You look for every connection you can as a law enforcement agent.”

“Is there any stolen property connected to any of the robberies or assaults, breaks, or murders that are tied to this residence?” asks Attorney Allen Sawyer.

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