Stockton Criminal Defense Attorney, Allen Sawyer, who is routinely tapped by TV stations to weigh in on legal matters, was requested by KCRA-TV Sacramento to advise on the most recent Sanchez incident.

Just released from prison on September 21, 2019, for “good behavior,” Obdulia Sanchez led Stockton police officers on a chase after they tried to pull her over for driving with an expired registration.

The public might remember Ms. Sanchez from two years ago when she live-streamed on Instagram a video while driving drunk, taking her hands off the wheel and killing her younger sister who was in the car. For that crime, Ms. Sanchez was sentenced to six years and four months in prison but only served 26 months due to good behavior (and overcrowding).

Stockton Criminal Defense Attorney, Allen Sawyer, appears on KCRA-TV, a Sacramento-based, NBC-affiliated television station, to give his legal opinion of the matter:

As a result of prison overcrowding, they have reformed the sentencing rules in California and a lot of people who are incarcerated get out much earlier for good time credits, participating in programs, and that is what appears occurred here.

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