High-profile California Defense Attorneys:

Allen Sawyer (left, the attorney for Anthony Silva) and Ken Rosenfeld (Sharon Simas’ attorney) discuss the embezzlement case against their clients.

Allen Sawyer:

We are a long time away from being in the courtroom.

Ken Rosenfeld:

For Miss Simas, this is all new to her. Other matters, she’ll appear in court. but not for a while.

Reporter: What does Miss Simas say about all this?

Ken Rosenfeld:

Of course, she’s shocked, and she’s extremely disappointed. This is a woman who has been a pillar in the community for more than half a century. She has helped build the Boys and Girls’ Club. She has donated so much money and time. And, at the end of the day when all the paperwork is done, and the math is done, it’s going to be very clear: She never took a dime; she never would take a dime.¬† She’s an independently wealthy woman. She actually donated a significant amount of money and her time. She’s already been given one community award by Stockton. When this is over, she’s going to get a second.

The complex court proceedings that surround the Silva / Simas embezzlement case have become even thornier.  As a result, the trial of the former mayor will not begin in November, as scheduled.

The next date on the case schedule is Dec. 3, when attorneys will return to court to schedule more court dates.

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