Now public is the grand jury report used to indict former Stockton Mayor Anthony Silva, represented by Attorney Allen Sawyer, who heavily criticized the grand jury process.

Reported by FOX40, Silva is accused of embezzling hundreds of thousands of dollars from the after-school kids’ program he ran.

Mr. Sawyer called the report “one-sided” and said it was “basically 300 pages of nothing.”

“It was a one man show,” Sawyer said. “The DA’s office presented whatever they felt like.”

In the grand jury report, one witness reveals that he/she had concerns about the way former Stockton Mayor Anthony Silva was running the Stockton Boys and Girls Club.

Silva, before becoming mayor, was the CEO of the organization before they lost their charter and became the Stockton Kids Club.

Attorney Allen Sawyer argued that the DA’s office should have interviewed more board members. “I felt the process was unjust since my team wasn’t allowed to cross examine the witnesses.”

Allen Sawyer says that they believe this case is going to trial and are not looking for any kind of plea deal.