Allen Sawyer Federal Crimes Defense Lawyer

“An experienced federal defense attorney really knows the ins and outs of federal crime. From criminal procedure to federal evidence and federal trial procedures, knowing recent Supreme Court rulings, accessing vital resources, and formulating a specific strategy to suit your case is paramount.”

According to a press release published last month, Sawyer is announcing his expertise in handling federal cases, especially for complex ones.

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High-Profile Federal Criminal Defense Attorney Handles Complex Cases

Prior to becoming a criminal defense lawyer, Sawyer’s early experience working as a prosecutor and deputy district attorney has given him insight into the processes of criminal prosecution. This firsthand knowledge of the techniques of prosecutors translates to federal prosecutions, enabling Sawyer to provide proficient federal criminal defense in the highest courts for his clients. He will take this experience and expertise and funnel it into this premium service; beyond providing extensive criminal defense within the state of California, attorney Allen Sawyer will offer a high-profile criminal defense at the federal level, having successfully defended a number of clients prosecuted for crimes in California federal courts.

Allen Sawyer’s federal criminal defense experience already extends across a range of federal cases, including drug trafficking, money laundering, political corruption, embezzlement and fraud, weapons violations, bank and securities fraud, consumer fraud, business crimes, computer crimes, check fraud, wire and mail fraud, federal tax fraud, environmental law defense, Internet fraud, forgery and kiting, health care fraud, and other serious federal felonies. With these new, dedicated efforts, the law firm’s Federal Criminal Defense department will handle a greater caseload of federal matters and will be better equipped to serve the recent upward demand for high-profile federal representation.

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