California Attorney Allen Sawyer represents several clients involved in a recent pot raid. In San Joaquin County, Waterloo Wellness, is one of four dispensaries that was raided over a seven-day period. “I heard that a lot of them had assault rifles in their face as soon as they came through the door,” states one person who was nearby.

Attorney Sawyer represents pot raid clients, six of those who were arrested:

The war on marijuana is over in California. Now we’re regulating it.

It’s really a zoning issue. We are moving in the right direction.¬† It’s really strange that this type of action would take place now and go back to the old way of doing business, which is treating it like it’s a cartel or something.

The Deputy DA said there were complaints from neighbors–the issue with traffic, the smell, the amount of people coming in, and more–was actively affecting the quality of life for these residents.

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