Allen Sawyer Helps Client Avoid Life in Prison:

The Law Offices of Allen Sawyer announced today that a client charged with mayhem and assault with a deadly weapon was found not guilty on all counts and accompanying enhancements after California criminal defense attorney Allen Sawyer exposed discrepancies in the testimony of prosecution witnesses and illuminated facts that indicated his client acted in self-defense.

Tried in San Joaquin County Superior Court, the case (Case # MAN-CR-FE-2020-0002026), presided over by Judge Xapuri Villapudua, involved client Barbara G., who, according to the February 21, 2020, criminal complaint filed with the San Joaquin County Superior Court, allegedly unlawfully used a knife to cause great bodily injury to another person. The case revolved around an incident that happened at a bar in Lathrop, CA, on February 2, 2020.

According to the complaint, Barbara G. was charged with a felony count of mayhem (CPC §203 PC) as well as with assault with a deadly weapon (CPC §245(a) (1)), with enhancements for great bodily injury (PC 12022.7 (a)) and personal use of a non-firearm weapon (PC 12022 (b) (1)). As stated in the March 24, 2022, San Joaquin County Superior Court Ruling memorialized in a Minute Order, Barbara G. was found not guilty on all counts.

According to the minute order, there were three days of witness testimony including five witnesses for the prosecution (four civilian witnesses and Investigating Officer A. Ting) and two for the defense. The case culminated when Barbara G. took the stand in her own defense. In addition to his arguments on behalf of his client, Mr. Sawyer cross-examined the prosecution’s witnesses.

“During cross-examination of the prosecution’s witnesses we were able to highlight significant inconsistencies in descriptions of the incident and establish other facts that showed that Barbara B. acted in self-defense,” said Sawyer, who added his client was greatly relieved by the verdict. “She was looking at life in prison, but walked out of the court a free person.”