Stockton, California attorney Allen Sawyer reaches plea deal in massive illegal fireworks bust.  N. Allen Sawyer, one of Stockton’s finest criminal defense attorneys, defends his client, Steven Clark, who appeared in court last week.  This Stockton attorney reaches plea deal for his client who has agreed to three counts related to possession of fireworks and explosive devices.  Steven Clark will serve 10 months in the County Jail.  He will also pay a $150,000 fine and be placed on five years of informal probation.

Mr. Clark is scheduled to be sentenced on March 29 and will remain in custody at the San Joaquin County Jail until that time.

Mr. Clark is ready to put this behind him,” said Sawyer, who worked in co-counsel with attorney Armando Villapudua.

Steven Clark regrets selling illegal fireworks, and he never intended to hurt anybody. It was a hobby gone crazy. Clark has learned from his mistakes and is eager to get back to work once he finishes his sentence.

He is looking forward to getting back to work; this is a guy who has lived his whole life without getting in trouble and wants to move forward and create a productive life.

Clark, 41, was taken into custody on June 28 after police officers, armed with a search warrant, raided a warehouse he owned in the 2400 block of West Country Club Boulevard that was within 100 feet of a preschool and several homes. Read the full story here.

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