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Cannabis Business Formation and Operation

California cannabis compliance attorney for marijuana business formation; Sacramento, San FranciscoJanuary 1, 2018, marked the inauguration of the legal adult-use marijuana market in California, allowing medical and recreational marijuana cultivators, manufacturers, and dispensaries to seek the necessary permits and licenses to begin operation. If you are a marijuana entrepreneur striving to become compliant with state and local laws in order to launch your business, Medical and Recreational Cannabis Compliance Attorney Allen Sawyer will ensure that your business is formed, operated, permitted, and licensed in compliance with California state and local law to minimize operational risk.



Recreational and Medical Cannabis

Dispensary, Cultivation, and Manufacturing Permits

Breaking into the recreational and medical marijuana industry requires first and foremost a marijuana business entity that is both established and maintained in compliance with state and local law. Conversant with the signature elements of a proper marijuana business entity, Medical and Recreational Cannabis Compliance Attorney Allen Sawyer is ready to advise clients in forming and maintaining a cannabis business specifically designed for streamlined state licensing and for avoiding cross-licensing issues.

As a knowledgeable medical and recreational marijuana licensing attorney, Allen Sawyer can ensure compliance with state and local law as he assists clients in obtaining all necessary licenses and permits to operate their businesses. The implementation of adult recreational marijuana usage in California involves a specific set of regulations and compliance obligations. Attorney Allen Sawyer assists California marijuana entrepreneurs in staying current with fast-paced changes to business requirements.

Medical and Recreational Cannabis Licensing, Permitting, and Regulatory Compliance

Actively familiar with all state and local regulations relating to marijuana dispensaries, cultivators, and manufacturers, Recreational and Medical Marijuana Licensing Attorney Allen Sawyer is poised to assist his clients in obtaining the necessary state and local licenses and permits for jump-starting business operation. Despite the newness of the field and the complexity of California marijuana licensure, he is equipped to guide clients through the licensing process and toward the goal of a streamlined business startup. Beyond licensing and compliance matters, Attorney Allen Sawyer also assists his clients in developing, through collaboration with other marijuana professionals, positive relationships with state and local government officials.

Securing Commercial Cannabis Dispensary, Cultivation, and Manufacturing Property

Across the state of California, cities have begun restricting recreational and medical marijuana cultivation, manufacturing, and dispensary businesses to specific zones. As such, property is at a premium. Through his close relationships with property owners and brokers, Recreational and Medical Marijuana Licensing Attorney Allen Sawyer is uniquely situated to help marijuana entrepreneurs not only to secure a commercial property, but also to negotiate a lease that meets the specific requirements of each client’s medical and/or recreational marijuana business.

Beyond Compliance

Boosting Cannabis Business through Community Relationships

As the state of California continues the process of practical inclusion of the medical and recreational marijuana industry, an important consideration for every marijuana business is to promote public health and safety and to establish strong relationships within the community. Medical and Recreational Marijuana Compliance Attorney Allen Sawyer has vast experience with effective community outreach and is poised to help clients develop strong community relationships.

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